Starsky & Hutch (TV Episode, 1976)...

Tony G. Marshall | 01/03/2016

Loved your heartfelt portrayal of 'Lisa' in the Starsky & Hutch second season episode entitled "Nightmare". A most intense, and shocking, storyline and your characterisation was truly a revelation in itself. A beautiful character brought to life by a beautiful and talented actress. Thank You.
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Graeme Cruickshank | 16/01/2016

Diana, I do t expect you to remember me, but I have never forgotten you. We met at the Hyatt in Kansas City while you were filming Truman. I played the Piano in the lobby and we hung out a little. Lots of fun and I was heartbroken when you left. 20 years, still think about you. Graeme

This website is brilliant

Gillian | 20/11/2015

I wanted to say "Hi" and thank you for all the marvelous work you have done over the years. Your an amazing actress and beautiful person...An acting treasure :-)

Fantastic :)

Sabrina | 12/04/2015

A wonderful website for a wonderful actress!

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