Battered (1978)

 Battered (1978)

Release Date: 26 September 1978 (USA)


Director: Peter Werner
Writers: Karen Grassle, Cynthia Lovelace Sears 


Running time: 120 minutes




Karen Grassle: Susannah Hawks
LeVar Burton: Andrew Sinclair
Mike Farrell: Michael Hawks
Chip Fields: Ginny Sinclair
Joan Blondell: Edna Thompson
Howard Duff: Bill Thompson

Diana Scarwid: Doris Thompson
Keith Coogan: Stevie Hawks
Ketty Lester: Helen
Leonard Barr: Prof. Jeremiah Hayden
Kres Mersky: Della
Alex Colon: Carlos 




Gritty drama of three interweaving stories of three women of various backgrounds and ages whose marriages are complicated by spouse-abuse by their husbands.