Before He Wakes (1998)

Before He Wakes  (1998)

Release Date: 1 December 1998 (USA)


Director: Michael Scott
Writers: Jerry Bledsoe, Selma Thompson


Running time: 97 minutes




Ron Canada - Det. Cochran
Tayva Patch - Tina Walker
Clayton Taylor - Mark
Bill Mondy - Winston Becker
Michael Flynn - Ken Young
Timothy Carhart - Ron Michaels
Hope Lange - Helen
Rod McCary - Preston Payvon
Oscar Rowland - Harry Smith

Diana Scarwid - Joanne Michaels
Jaclyn Smith - Bridget Smith Michaels
Barbara Tarbuck - Diane Michaels




A small North Carolina town is shocked when popular high school baseball coach Ron Michaels  is killed in his sleep. The killer turns out to be his wife Bridget  a successful career woman who is widely loved and respected in the community. Bridget insists that she shot her husband by accident, and the police are willing to believe her story until members of Ron's family, joined with the relatives of Bridget's first husband, raise a number of disturbing questions. Ultimately it is revealed that Bridget has been leading a double life, posing as a pillar of the community while mounting huge debts to maintain her sumptuous lifestyle and it is determined that Bridget killed her first husband, who died under similar circumstances as the hapless Ron Michaels.