Brenda Starr (1989)

 Brenda Starr (1989)

Release Date: 15 April 1992 (USA)


Director: Robert Ellis Miller

Writers: Noreen Stone, James D. Buchanan, Jenny Wolkind, Dale Messick    


Running time: 93 minutes




Brooke Shields - Brenda Starr
Tony Peck - Mike Randall
Timothy Dalton - Basil St. John

Diana Scarwid - Libby Lipscomb
Nestor Serrano - Jose
Jeffrey Tambor - Vladimir
June Gable - Luba
Charles Durning - Francis I. Livright
Kathleen Wilhoite - Hank O'Hare
John Short - Pesky Miller
Eddie Albert - Police Chief Maloney
Mark von Holstein - Donovan O'Shea
Henry Gibson - Professor Gerhardt Von Kreutzer
Matthew Cowles - Capt. Borg
Tom Aldredge - Capt. Borg Impostor
Ed Nelson - President Harry S. Truman
Sergio Kato - Cab Driver Jose




Mike is a struggling artist who draws the 'Brenda Starr' comic strip for a newspaper. When Brenda comes to life and sees how unappreciated she is by Mike, she leaves the comic. To return her to her rightful place and keep his job, Mike draws himself into the strip. Within her fictional world, Brenda Starr is an ace reporter for the New York Flash. She is talented, fearless, smart and a very snappy dresser. The only competition she has is from the rival paper's top reporter, Libby Lipscomb. Brenda heads to the Amazon jungle, in order to find a scientist with a secret formula, which will create cheap and powerful gas from ordinary water. There, she uncovers a plan to blow up the planet with newly developed rocket fuel.