Critical Choices (1996)

 Critical Choices (1996)

Release Date: 8 December 1996 (USA)

Director: Claudia Weill
Writers: Susan Cuscuna, Robin Le Chanu, Mitchell Burgess 


Running time: 88 minutes




Betty Buckley - Dr. Margaret Ludlow
Pamela Reed - Arlene

Diana Scarwid  - Diana
Terry Kinney -    Lloyd
Albert Schultz - Andy
Dean McDermott - Johnny
Jody Racicot - Wayne
Jeffrey Donovan - Randy
Liisa Repo-Martell - Amy
Brian Kerwin -    Flood
Sarah Rosen Fruitman - Belinda
Tabitha Lupien - Becky
Cody Jones - Bryan
Corey Sevier -     Bradley
Simon Reynolds - David 




A drama about the evaporation of our rights in America. Margaret operates the only abortion clinic in Madison, Wisconsin and Diana is an avid supporter. Arlene is a right wing abolitionist. Their views differ, but their dedication and respect for each other remains very strong. They are both right in their beliefs.