Dirty Pictures (2000)

 Dirty Pictures (2000)

Release Date: 27 May 2000 (USA)


Director: Frank Pierson
Writer: Ilene Chaiken


Running time: 104 minutes




James Woods - Dennis Barrie
Craig T. Nelson - Sheriff Simon Leis

Diana Scarwid - Dianne Barrie
Leon Pownall - District Attorney Prouty
Matt North - Monty Lobb
David Huband - Sirkin
Judah Katz - Mizibov
Rachael Crawford - Bosworth
Marnie McPhail - Reising
R.D. Reid - Albanese
Allegra Fulton - Angela
Michele Muzzi - Brenda
Martin Roach - Ed
Tony De Santis - Floyd
Kenneth McGregor - Gil
Jeff Pustil - Harry
Sally Cahill - Liz
Linda Goranson - Mary
Geoffrey Bowes -Suit
John Evans - Tucker
Jonathan Whittaker - Muntz
Colin Fox - Walsh
Michael Seater - Ian
Stephen Joffe - Kevin Barrie
Nicky Guadagni - Kardon
Nancy Beatty - Reisman
Lawrence Bayne - Stein
Dave Nichols - Johnson
Michael Dyson - Bailiff
Frank Moore - Ruberg




Fact-based story about the court proceedings that followed Cincinnati art museum director Dennis Barrie after his decision to display a controversial art exhibit by photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. The proceedings start with an inflamed County Sheriff who is determined to put Barrie in jail. A grand jury established to determine whether the sexually explicit photographs were obscene found seven of the pictures to possibly be obscene. The seven pictures depicted nude children, a man ramming his fist up another man's anus, and man with his finger in his penis. Other pictures in the exhibit did depict explicit nudity and sexual connotation. An obviously biased judge made derisive decisions throughout the trial. The strain of the trial also placed Barrie's marriage under duress, which ultimately led to his wife divorcing him, and led to Barrie's children being derided and physically attacked by their classmates.