Down Will Come Baby (1999)

Down Will Come Baby (1999)

Release Date: 4 May 1999 (USA)


Director: Gregory Goodell
Writers: Gloria Murphy, Gregory Goodell


Running time: 87 minutes




Meredith Baxter - Leah Garr
Tom Amandes - Marcus Garr
Evan Rachel Wood - Robin Garr

Diana Scarwid - Dorothy (Gretchen) McIntyre
Katie Booze-Mooney - Amelia McIntyre




Leah Garr is a busy career woman, trying to pursue her job in the city, maintain a strained relationship with her husband and look after her insecure daughter Robin. The Garr's new neighbour Dorothy befriends the family, and when Robin is involved in an accident and has to stay at home to recuperate, it seems natural that Dorothy should want to take care of her. Soon Dorothy and Robin are inseparable, but Leah begins to suspect that Dorothy has a sinister scheme behind her friendly exterior.