Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980)

Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980)

Release Date: 15 April 1980     (part 1 USA)
                        16 April 1980     (part 2 USA)


Director: William A. Graham

Writers: Ernest Tidyman, Charles A. Krause


Running time: 192 minutes




Powers Boothe: Rev. Jim Jones
Ned Beatty:  Rep. Leo Ryan
Irene Cara: Alice Jefferson
Veronica Cartwright: Marceline 'Marcy' Jones
Rosalind Cash: Jenny Hammond
Brad Dourif: David Langtree
Meg Foster: Jean Richie
Michael C. Gwynne: Larry King
Albert Hall: Otis Jefferson
Linda Haynes: Karen Bundy
Diane Ladd: Lynette Jones
Ron O'Neal: Col. Robles
Randy Quaid: Clayton Ritchie

Diana Scarwid: Sheila Langtree
Madge Sinclair: Mrs. Jefferson 




The story of the People's Temple cult led by Jim Jones and the events involving its move to Guyana and its eventual mass suicide.