Hawaii Five-O - The Spirit Is Willie (1979)

Hawaii Five-O - The Spirit Is Willie (1979)

Saison 11, Episode 15

Release Date: 25 January 1979 (USA)


Director: Reza Badiyi

Writers: Leonard Freeman, Seeleg Lester, Sam Neuman


Running time: 60 minutes




Jack Lord: Det Steve McGarrett
James MacArthur: Dan Williams
Herman Wedemeyer: Duke
Mildred Natwick: Millicent Shand

Diana Scarwid: Carole Walker
Eduard Franz: Prof. David MacKinnon
Robert Vaughn: Sebastian Rolande
Fred Ball: Willie Fitzwilliam
Ross Borden: Jeremy Walker
Edward Sheehan: Elliot
Richard Denning: Gov. Paul Jameson





As Steve McGarrett investigates the death of a young scuba diver, a spinsterish detective novelist, Millicent Shand, the aunt of the dead man's widow Carole, tells him she already has the mystery solved. Miss Shand insists that the diver's death was rigged and part of a scheme whereby the alleged victim and a noted psychic, Rolande, would attempt to bilk Carole of a fortune.