Heat (1986)

Heat (1986)

Release Date: 13 March 1987 (USA)


Directors: Dick Richards, Jerry Jameson

Writer: William Goldman


Running time: 101 minutes




Burt Reynolds - Nick "Mex" Escalante
Karen Young - Holly
Peter MacNicol - Kinnick
Howard Hesseman - Pinchus
Neill Barry - DeMarco
Joseph Mascolo - Baby

Diana Scarwid - Cassie
Deborah Rush - D.D.
Wendell Burton - Osgood
Joe Klecko - Kinlaw
Pete Koch - Tiel




Nick Escalante, freelance bodyguard, loner, gambler and the most lethal man alive in Las Vegas. Friends and strangers all come to him for help. There's Osgood who wants to impress his girlfriend, there's a millionaire who needs Nick to teach him bravery. And there's Holly who endangers his life after exacting revenge on the monster's son whose sadistically raped her. While his own dreams shatter at the casino, Nick makes sure there's comes true. But luck, like love and death works in the strange and tragic ways.