Heroes - Chapter Ten '1961 (II) (2009)

Heroes - Chapter Ten '1961 (II) (2009)

Season 3, Episode 23

Release Date: 13 April 2009 (USA) 


Director: Adam Kane

Writers: Tim Kring, Aron Eli Coleite


Running time: 45 minutes




Jack Coleman: Noah Bennet
Hayden Panettiere: Claire Bennet
Adrian Pasdar: Nathan Petrelli
Sendhil Ramamurthy: Mohinder Suresh
Cristine Rose: Angela Petrelli
Milo Ventimiglia: Peter Petrelli

Diana Scarwid: Alice Shaw
Ravi Kapoor: Young Dr. Chandra Suresh
Alexa Nikolas: Angela Shaw
Edwin Hodge: Young Charles Deveaux
Laura Marano: Young Alice Shaw  




Angela has nightmares. She gets the family to go back to Coyote Sands with her to dig up graves, and find her sister.