In the Glitter Palace (1977)

 In the Glitter Palace (1977)

Release Date: 23 February 1977 (USA)



Director: Robert Butler

Writer: Jerrold L. Ludwig


Running time: 97 minutes




Chad Everett: Vincent 'Vince' Halloran
Barbara Hershey: Ellen Lange
Carole Cook: Daisy Dolon
Howard Duff: Raymond Dawson Travers
Salome Jens: Judge Kendis Winslow
Ron Masak: Fred Ruggiero
Ron Rifkin: Roger
Robert Sampson: Harry Brittenham

Diana Scarwid: Casey Walker
Tisha Sterling: Grace Mayo
Paul Stevens: Merrill
David Wayne: Nate Redstone
Anthony Zerbe: Roy Danko
Lynne Marta: Ricki
Warren Vanders: Loomis




The rising star at a high profile law firm ask by the woman he loves to defend her best friend who is charged with a vicious Murder which she says she didn´t commit. He agrees to defend her and the intrigue begins...