Pretty Baby (1978)

 Pretty Baby (1978)

Release Date: 5 April 1978 (USA)


Director: Louis Malle

Writers: Polly Platt,  Louis Malle


Running time: 110 minutes




Brooke Shields: Violet
Keith Carradine: Bellocq
Susan Sarandon: Hattie
Frances Faye: Nell
Antonio Fargas: Professor
Matthew Anton: Red Top

Diana Scarwid: Frieda
Barbara Steele: Josephine
Seret Scott: Flora
Cheryl Markowitz: Gussie
Susan Manskey: Fanny
Laura Zimmerman: Agnes
Miz Mary: Odette
Gerrit Graham: Highpockets
Mae Mercer: Mama Mosebery 




In 1917, twelve-year-old Violet lives in a New Orleans brothel with her prostitute mother. Her mother marries a rich client and leaves her alone, while the Madame auctions Violet’s virginity to the highest bidder. Soon after she’s married off to a man, only to see her mother return and demand her daughter come away with her.