Pushing Daisies (2008/2009)

Pushing Daisies (2008/2009)

Season 2, Episode 1, 2, 3, 11


- Bzzzzzzzzz!
- Circus, Circus
- Bad Habits
- Window Dressed to Kill


Release Date: 1 October 2008 (USA)   


Director: Adam Kane, Lawrence Trilling, Peter O'Fallon, Julie Anne Robinson

Writers: Bryan Fuller, Peter Ocko, Gretchen J. Berg, Abby Gewanter


Running time: 43 minutes




Lee Pace: Ned
Anna Friel: Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles
Chi McBride: Emerson Cod
Jim Dale: Narrator (voice)
Field Cate: Young Ned
Ellen Greene: Vivian Charles
Swoosie Kurtz: Lily Charles
Kristin Chenoweth: Olive Snook
Missi Pyle: Betty Bee
French Stewart: Woolsey Nicholls
Peter Cambor:    Dusty Fitz
Autumn Reeser: Kentucky Fitz

Diana Scarwid: Mother Superior
Sy Richardson: Coroner
Sammi Hanratty: Young Chuck





A pie-maker, with the power to bring dead people back to life, solves murder mysteries with his alive-again childhood sweetheart, a cynical private investigator, and a lovesick waitress.