Silkwood (1983)

 Silkwood (1983)

Release Date: 14 December 1983 (USA)


Director: Mike Nichols

Writers: Nora Ephron, Alice Arlen


Running time: 131 minutes




Meryl Streep - Karen Silkwood
Kurt Russell - Drew Stephens
Cher - Dolly Pelliker
Craig T. Nelson - Winston
Fred Ward - Morgan

Diana Scarwid - Angela
Ron Silver - Paul Stone
Josef Sommer - Max Richter
Charles Hallahan - Earl Lapin
Sudie Bond - Thelma Rice
Henderson Forsythe - Quincy Bissell
Bruce McGill - Mace Hurley
David Strathairn - Wesley
M. Emmet Walsh - Walt Yarborough
Ray Baker - Pete Dawson




Karen Silkwood is no saint. She drinks, cheerfully gets 'em out for the boys, has left her husband and kids and lives in a curious ménage à trois with her lover and their lesbian friend. But, through her own dawning suspicions, she is drawn into union activism and embarks on a crusade to expose the rottenness of her paymasters, only to die in a mysterious car crash.