Studs Lonigan (1979)

 Studs Lonigan (1979)

Release Date: 7 March 1979 (USA)



Director: James Goldstone

Producer: Philip Capice, Lee Rich, Harry R. Sherman

Writers: James T. Farrell, Reginald Rose



Running time: 360 minutes




Mare Winningham: Helen Shyer
Harry Hamlin: Bill 'Studs' Lonigan
Colleen Dewhurst: Mary Lonigan
Brad Dourif: Danny O'Neill
Charles Durning: Paddy Lonigan
Lisa Pelikan: Lucy Scanlon

Diana Scarwid: Catherine Banahan
John Frederick Martin Lonigan
James T. Callahan: Moxey
Devon Ericson: Fran Lonigan
Jessica Harper: Loretta Lonigan
Michael Mullins: Paulie
Sam Weisman: Davey Cohen

and many more...





A three-part adaptation of James T. Farrell's trilogy about a two-fisted Irish-American and his search for values in the rough-and-tumble world of 1920s Chicago.