Swimming with the Virgin (2006)

Swimming with the Virgin (2006)

Release Date: 15 September 2006 (USA)


Director: Trevor P. Jenkins
Writer: Trevor P. Jenkins 


Running time: 15 minutes



Link: 98productions.com/portfolio-item/swimming-virgin/




Ryan Davis - Josh
Josie Demere - Virgin Mary
Doc Dougherty - Father O'Neil
Olivia Parker - Julie

Diana Scarwid - Mother
Harry Van Gorkum - Father John 




Mom's Dead. Dad's Gone. And Julie, a churchy 12-year-old girl, is left under the care of her 18 year-old sexually super-charged sister, two weeks prior to the biggest day of her life: her confirmation! To further complicate her tumultuous week, she thinks she sees the Virgin Mary! Written by T-Bone