The Cleaner - Split Ends (2009)

The Cleaner - Split Ends (2009)

Season 2, Episode 5


Release Date: 21 July 2009 (USA)

Director: Steve Boyum

Writers: Jonathan Prince, Robert Munic, Chris Fisher


Running time: 60 minutes




Benjamin Bratt: William Banks
Grace Park: Akani Cuesta
Esteban Powell: Arnie Swenton
Amy Price-Francis:  Melissa Banks
Brett DelBuono: Ben Banks
Liliana Mumy: Lula Banks
Brian Van Holt: Greg
Jeanette Brox: Amber Geiler
Rachel Boston: Ruby Geiler

Diana Scarwid: Mrs. Geiler




Sisters find that they may be linked by more than twinship when they try to achieve sobriety separately. At home, a friend of William's cuts a path of mayhem and destruction as he tempts a recovering addict with her drug of choice and crosses way over a boundary with Melissa...