The Clearing (2004)

The Clearing (2004)

Release Date: January 2004 (USA)


Director: Pieter Jan Brugge
Writers: Pieter Jan Brugge, Justin Haythe


Running time: 95 minutes




Robert Redford – Wayne Hayes
Helen Mirren – Eileen Hayes
Willem Dafoe – Arnold Mack
Alessandro Nivola – Tim Hayes
Matt Craven – Agent Ray Fuller
Melissa Sagemiller – Jill Hayes
Wendy Crewson – Louise Miller
Larry Pine – Tom Finch

Diana Scarwid – Eva Finch




Wayne and Eileen Hayes appear to have the perfect life, with successful careers and two loving children. However their idyllic life is shattered when disgruntled employee Arnold Mack kidnaps Wayne and holds him ransom in a remote forest. With FBI agents scrutinising their lives, Eileen and Wayne soon begin to reassess their lives and which only longs their desire to see Wayne return to his home safely.