The Ladies Club (1986)

The Ladies Club (1986)

Release Date: April 1986 (USA)


Director: Janet Greek

Writers:Casey Bishop,  Betty Black, Fran Lewis Ebeling, Paul Mason  


Running time: 85 minutes




Karen Austin - Joan Taylor
Diana Scarwid  - Lucy Bricker
Christine Belford - Dr Constance Lewis
Bruce Davison - Richard Harrison
Shera Danese   - Eva
Beverly Todd  - Georgiane
Marilyn Kagan - Rosalie
Kit McDonough - Carol
Arliss Howard - Ed Bricker
Randee Heller     - Harriet
Paul Carafotes - Eddie
Nicholas Worth - Jack Dwyer
Scott Lincoln - Pete Campanella





After she is raped, a policewoman recruits other rape victims and they form a vigilante group. The women locate rapists who have repeatedly attacked women but avoided justice through legal technicalities. then they even the score by kidnapping and castrating the offenders.