The Neon Bible (1995)

The Neon Bible (1995)

Release Date: 2 October 1995 (USA) (New York Film Festival)    


Director: Terence Davies
Writers: Terence Davies, John Kennedy Toole


Running time: 91 minutes




Jacob Tierney - David, aged 15
Drake Bell - David, aged 10
Gena Rowlands - Mae Morgan

Diana Scarwid - Sarah
Denis Leary - Frank
Bob Hannah - George
Aaron Frisch - Bruce
Charles Franzen - Tannoy Voice
Leo Burmester - Bobbie Lee Taylor





In 1940s Georgia, teenager David  boards a train and escapes the destitute town in which he was raised. During the ride, he ponders his lonely upbringing. As a sensitive young boy, David was bullied by his father, Frank and rejected by his peers. Things got worse for the impoverished family when mother Sarah had a mental breakdown. But a ray of hope appeared in the form of David's eccentric aunt, Mae, who bonded with the misfit boy.