Thou Shalt Not Kill (1982)

 Thou Shalt Not Kill (1982)

Release Date: 12 April 1982 (USA)


Director: I.C. Rapoport

Writers: Lonne Elder III, I.C. Rapoport


Running time: 100 minutes




Gary Graham - Ray Masters
Maxine Lochman - Lee Grant  

Diana Scarwid - Susan Masters  
Robert Culp  - Steve Nevins
James Keach  - Jeff Tompkins
Michael  C Gwynne - Roebuck
Lane Smith  - Clarence Blake
Albert Salmi - Hugh Grover 





A mechanic is convicted of a murder he did not commit and sent to prison, and ends up killing a guard in self-defence. His lawyers must prove the inmate is innocent of the original charge to avoid his being sentenced to death.